JAVITA Weight Loss Coffee

JAVITA Weight Loss Coffee

Prepare to be wowed. We have found it. The Holy Grail. The greatest thing since sliced bread…It’s JAVITA Coffee Company. They are a new company with just 2 products  ~ One is a Weight Loss Coffee and one is a Brain Enhancing Coffee.  They both work minor and/or major miracles because they are instant single serve coffee sticks infused with herbs

JAVITA Weight Loss Coffee Sticks

JAVITA’S coffee sticks work because they are easy…portable, instant, and hot and cold water soluble. They are delicious…gourmet, estate-grown Brazilian coffee.  And they are infused with herbs…which means you will actually experience the intended benefits of your cup of JAVITA coffee. We will do a separate post on JAVITA’s Brain Enhancing Coffee, so for today let’s get wowed by how we can drink coffee and lose weight…

JAVITA Weight Loss Coffee

“Burn + Control”,  JAVITA’S  W eight Loss Coffee

JAVITA has taken gourmet, estate-grown coffee and infused it with 2 organically grown herbs: Yerba Mate and Garcinia Cambogia. Yerba Mate acts as a metabolism booster, an appetite suppressant, a long term energy booster, and increases oxygenation to the heart and muscles. Garcinia Cambogia suppresses appetite, burns calories, builds lean muscle mass, reduces belly fat, boosts mood, helps with sleep, lowers cholesteral, and so much more…

Garcinia Cambogia - The Longevity Salon

 Garcinia Cambogia

The real superstar of  JAVITA’S  ”Burn + Control” coffee is Garcinia Cambogia …an herb with astonishing effects and health benefits. Commonly known as the tamarind fruit,  Garcinia Cambogia has recently become wildly popular, spreading from its home in Southeast Asia into a global sensation.  It  has especially gained  notice in the medical community.

The Longevity Salon.com ~ Garcinia Cambogia "The Holy Grail of Natural Weight Loss", says Dr. Oz.

“The Holy Grail of Weight Loss”

Perhaps the most famous Medical Doctor and health expert of our times, Dr. Oz, devoted an entire hour to this potent fat burner in October 2012. He highlighted the dual-action effects of Garcinia Cambogia.  First, it acts in the liver to block the enzyme that converts carbohydrates and sugar into fat. This enables our body to be burning the fat we already have stored – and enables our calories to be available to us as sustained energy throughout the day. This balanced blood sugar and energy means less spikes and crashes normally associated with food. The second way it works is in the brain, where it sends messages of satiety and decreases food cravings, especially for emotional eaters. Dr. Oz expressed his excitement about Garcinia Cambogia on the show, referring to it as “The Holy Grail of Weight Loss.”

More recently, the press has been from the public testimonials of success with Garcinia Cambogia by famous celebrities such as Rachel Ray and Kim Kardashian. The world has noticed, and now most others who have tried it are taking notice too.


  ”Drink and Shrink”

JAVITA’s visionary weight loss coffee,  Burn + Control, offers Garcinia Cambogia in the first non-pill form. This is big news, since taking Garcinia Cambogia as a pill is expensive – paying up to $15/day is a definite investment.  And it is inconvenient –  as many as 2 or 3 pills to be taken thirty minutes before every meal. Furthermore, the source and potency of the pills can be variable – which means results may definitely vary.

Garcinia Cambogia infused in coffee, on the other hand, is easy to consume; and, more importantly,  it is even more incredible than Garcinia Cambogia alone because it  combines synergistically with the coffee and the Yerba Mate …thus the potent effects of Garcinia Cambogia are boosted and amplified.

So, JAVITA’s Weight Loss Coffee is potent, it is gourmet,  it is instant, easy, and affordable. The coffee beans are estate grown in Brazil according to organic principles, and the herbs are certified organic. It  is FDA approved, and manufactured in the United States. It tastes delicious, and drinkers are having incredible results with just one or two cups a day – simply by changing their cup of coffee.

To sum up, JAVITA’s “Burn + Control” Weight Loss Coffee does what you want from coffee…it gives you energy, only much longer and better energy! In fact, you get 5 or 6 hours of smooth energy, without the spike and jitters of regular coffee. And it gives you what you always dreamed of from a weight loss product…effortless weight loss without having to diet and exercise! According to the studies, if you do diet and exercise, then Garcinia Cambogia will double or even triple your weight loss. Add to this the other health benefits of improving leptin and insulin resistance, as well as lowering cholesterol by up to 30%, and you can certainly see why Dr. Oz refers to Garcinia Cambogia as “the holy grail of  natural weight loss”.  Now thanks to JAVITA,  we can say… Who knew – The Holy Grail is a coffee!

 For More Information and To Purchase  JAVITA Coffee, click here.

Grow Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden

Medicinal Herb Garden

Sow your seeds, water, and watch your medicinal herb garden grow!

  • Arnica ~  Used for sprains, bruises, soaks, compresses, and an ingredient for salves and oils.
  • Ashwagandha ~ Used for physical and mental exhaustion.
  • Astragalus ~ Used for its immune enhancing qualities.  Improves function of liver, lungs, and spleen.
  • Black Cohosh ~  Used for controlling the infamous “hot flashes” of menopause.
  • Borage ~ Delightful blue/purple flowers for salads, teas and desserts. Put them in ice cube trays for floral icecubes. Gladdens the heart.
  • Burdock ~ Leaves make a lovely poultice for skin damage.
  • Calendula ~ Premier healing agent in salves, tinctures or applied to external injuries.
  • California Poppy ~ Works well for calming children and adults who have sensitive constitutions.

    California Poppy

    California Poppy

  • Cayenne Pepper ~ The fruit is widely used in cooking and contains capsaicin, which can help with some pain management.
  • German Chamomile ~Perfect for gentle bedtime sedation or for treating stomachache.
  • Chickweed ~ Used daily, the herb will assist in weight reduction programs.
  • Echinacea Angustifolia ~ Beloved medicinal that is used for its immune enhancing properties.



  • Ephedra ~ A natural adrenergic stimulant to the central nervous system and a bronchodilator for treating colds and asthma.
  • Evening Primrose ~  Some women report alleviation of PMS by eating the plant and the seeds.
  • Feverfew ~ Fresh leaves are tonic to prevent migraines.
  • Hibiscus ~ The flowers are used to make tea, and are also a mild diuretic and laxative.



  • Hyssop ~ This mildly anti-viral and expectorant herb makes an excellent tea to treat the common cold.
  • Lemon Balm ~ Favorite tea herb for its aromatic & sedative uses. Mildly anti-viral.

    Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm

  •  Licorice ~ A demulcent and expectorant, essential herbal treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, adrenal exhaustion or gastric ulcer.
  • Marshmallow ~ Enhances immune function. Makes a healing tea that is soothing to throat and urinary tract.
  • Meadowsweet ~  Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving.
  • Mullein ~ Used as tea or tincture for moistening mucous membranes. A great soothing agent for the throat, bronchia, and lungs.

    Mullein flower

    Mullein flower

  • Plantain ~ Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Particularly useful as a first-aid poultice and for dental infections.
  • Purslane ~ Eaten fresh as a salad herb, and is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Sage ~ The leaves are used in cooking, and tea from the leaves acts as an astringent and can help relieve itching.
  • Summer Savory ~ Widely used in cooking, and has traditionally been used to treat stomach upsets.
  • Stevia ~ 250 times sweeter than sugar. A flavoring agent, a wound healer, a treatment for hypoglycemia and a digestive aid.
  • Thyme ~ Used in cooking and for its astringent and antibiotic properties.
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil) ~ Adaptogenic, antifungal, antibacterial, immune enhancing, and of the Ayurvedic tradition.
  • Yarrow ~  Yarrow flowers are fabulous for their anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties.


You can buy certified organically grown seeds from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Happy planting!

Home-Grown Garlic


It has been said that once you taste home-grown garlic, you’ll never reach for the store-bought version again. And the good news is: it’s incredibly easy to grow your own. Just pull the biggest cloves off of the bulb, and plant in loose fertile soil with the pointy tip facing up. Fertilize and water well.

Typically, garlic should be planted in the late fall; however, it is not too late to plant your garlic cloves in April. If planting in the fall, then place the cloves in the soil about 2 inches deep – if planting in April, then place the cloves just below the surface.

Harvest your garlic in late spring or early summer, when the plants have 5 or 6 green leaves. Gently pull them out of the soil after you have pried them loose by poking a garden fork under the bulbs.Your garlic is ready to eat!

If you want to store it, then you must let your garlic cure for a few weeks. This you do by hanging the bulbs with their foliage bundled, or by spreading them out on a rack or table.

After a few weeks, trim the roots close to the bulb and trim the stalks down to about 12 inches. Gently remove the outer layer of skin off the bulb, and also any loose soil. Finally, store the bulbs in a dry, dark, and well-ventilated place.

Before you start, choose your type of garlic – there are two types; Softnecks and Hardnecks. Softnecks do better in warmer climates, and tend to make smaller, stronger flavored cloves. Hardnecks prefer a real winter, after which their stiff stem creates a beautiful mini-bulbed flower.


Grow your own garlic!